North Kingstown enjoys the convenience of location and economic expansion combined with the pleasures of the historic seaside village of Wickford. The town's residential areas vary from 200+ year old homes to newly constructed larger homes giving us a unique blend of old and new! The type of housing ranges from modest cottages to expensive estates, many of which are on our beautiful Narragansett Bay, harbors, and lakes.

                Generally speaking the older homes in town are clustered in villages throughout the town. Newer homes are generally found in "cluster" developments on former forest, farm, or open space. In the late 1940s growth at Quonset Point required the construction of a large number of housing units for US Navy and civilian personnel. Most of these homes (over half of the existing homes in town) were actually constructed in the 1960s but growth continued into the 1970s.

                During the 1980s housing construction slowed down in town due to a combination of financial, demographic, market conditions and land use regulations in town. Single family housing continues to dominate in North Kingstown comprising more than 75% of the homes in town. The majority of homeowners in town actually live in their own homes- a figure consistent throughout Washington County.

                North Kingstown has nearly 9% of its housing in State and federal subsidized housing units. These are predominantly one and two bedroom units. There are also a number of condominiums available in town including the new Saw Mill Square located just north of Quonset Point. It is the intent of North Kingstown to promote an overall development pattern that builds on the community's village character. The concept of village centers and cluster development will continue to direct the growth plan, which will dominate the southwestern section of our community.